Friday Escape: Henningsvaer, Norway

Friday Escape:  Henningsvaer, Norway

With this post I’m launching a new feature on  Friday Escapes.  I know that by the end of the week, I just want to get out of town.  If I can’t do that, I at least want to dream of escape.  Each Friday we’ll visit someplace new and learn how to get there.

This Week’s Destination:  Henningsvaer, Lofoten Islands, Norway.

Maybe because it’s been so hot lately, but this photograph of a small Norwegian fishing village captured my imagination.  Who lives in those houses? Do they get around town by boat instead of car?  What’s for breakfast?  I bet my bottom dollar it’s not an Egg McMuffin.  Maybe roast puffin on a muffin?  Do people actually eat puffin?  So many questions!

Copyright: Eirik Ohna / / Vågan

Copyright: Eirik Ohna / / Vågan       Used with permission of

Where: West Coast of Norway above the Arctic Circle.  68° 9′ 0″ N / 14° 13′ 0″ E.

Population:  409

Things to do:  Hike, rock climb, visit the Lofoten Hus Gallery which displays local artists’ paintings in a former cannery, take a summer midnight boat safari in search of sea eagles, seals and other animals.

Interesting Fact:  The sun doesn’t set between May 23 and July 24.

How to get there:  Hurtigruten offers 6-12 night Norwegian coastal cruises which stop in the Lofoten Islands.

Hurtigruten cruises provide an unique, authentic travel experience.  For over 120 years, its ships have transported goods, vehicles and people between Norwegian ports, as part of the country’s everyday commerce.  Comfortable cabins and fresh local cuisine enhance the journey through pristine waters and unspoiled natural beauty.  As the ship crosses the Arctic Circle, first timers are treated to a traditional Arctic sailing initiation ceremony.  For more information about trip from charming, medieval Bergen to remote Kirkenes, near the Russian boarder, click here to view the DetailedVoyageItinerary.

Deal:  Book by July 31 and save up to 30% off brochure rates.  Take advantage of the free pre-cruise hotel night and transfers on 6-night southbound voyages.  To learn more, email

Where do you want to go next week?

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