Friday Escape: Caribbean Digital Detox

Friday Escape:  Caribbean Digital Detox

Admittedly, today is Saturday, but I took my own Friday escape yesterday.  Consider this posted in island time.  

I found the perfect lounge chair on the beach, partially shaded by the palms above, Bob Marley on the breeze, paperback best seller in hand.  BEEP BEEP BA BEEP!  Whose text disturbs my tropical tranquility?  Why in the world didn’t I leave my phone in the hotel room safe?  Can I ever really escape?  Yes!

This photo of St. Vincent is courtesy of TripAdvisor


This Week’s Destination:  St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Where: Lesser Antilles, southern portion of the Windward Islands, West Indies, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Population:  103,000

Things to do:  

In 2012, the tiny Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines teamed up with a life coach and launched its solution for e-addicts:  digital detox vacations.  The official guide, Digital Detox in SVG, provides tips for disengaging from the digital world, fully relaxing during your vacation, and, inevitably, easing back into real life.  Here’s the corresponding YouTube video.

While unplugged you can:

Photo courtesy SVG Ministry of Tourism

Photo courtesy SVG Ministry of Tourism


  • Claim a secluded hideaway beach as your own; try the island of Canouan.
  • Visit the vibrant public market in the capital city of Kingstown.
  • Savor banana pancakes, lobster and rum punch while perched on stilts over the sea at Basil’s in Mustique.
  • Learn about conservation at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary on the island of Bequia.
  • Stroll the St. Vincent Botanic Gardens (you know how I love botanic gardens!), the oldest in the western hemisphere.

Interesting fact: Grenadine syrup, that red stuff in Shirley Temples and Tequila Sunrises, doesn’t come from the Grenadines.  According American University, the name of The Grenadines, and also their neighbor to the south, Grenada, comes from the Spanish, la granada, and French, la grenada, for pomegranate.  But pomegranates don’t grow in the islands’ climate.  And that sticky red bottle in your liquor cabinet probably doesn’t even contain any pomegranate.  At one point, Grenadine syrup contained pomegranate and red current juice, but these days, it’s made from high fructose corn syrup and red dye 40.  Rose’s Grenadine Syrup, one of the most popular brands in the U.S., is manufactured by the same company that makes Dr. Pepper and A&W Rootbeer.

How to get there:  You cannot fly directly from the U.S.  to St. Vincent and The Grenadines, but can get there on local Caribbean airlines.  For a more relaxed approach, visit the islands on a Star Clippers sailing ship.

Deal:  Book by August 31 and you can embark on a 7-9 night authentic clipper ship cruise from $1,285 per person.  Email me at for more details.

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