Does the World Need your Travel Blog?

Does the World Need your Travel Blog?

Baby in pool floaterI’m a brand new blogger. About a month ago I dove head first into the rocking, splashing, crowded pool party of travel blogging. As I doggie paddle to get my nose above water I can’t help but ask myself, is there room for one more? I see the glamorous ladies writing about luxury cruises and the world’s best spas, the world trekkers posting from rural Chinese villages and hiking trails in Peru, and the guys in the euro trunks reporting in from the shores of Croatia. Can a 40-year-old attorney and mom join the party?

Swim with me to the deep end for a moment and consider wondrous, amazing humanity. No two the same, each of us with individual gifts, experiences, and a unique perspective on the world.  Hiking granola crunchers, open ocean swimmers, reclusive poets, exhausted ER nurses, patient teachers, persistent entrepreneurs. We group and label, because it’s almost too much to grasp that of the billions alive today, and all those who came before, no two are interchangeable.

And what’s the purpose of our individuality? I fundamentally believe we each have a responsibility to take what makes us special and share it with the others, to exercise our voice, contribute our “me-ness” to the whole. To dedicate what makes us unique to the service of others. What’s the point of each of us being one-of-a-kind creations if we don’t share and collaborate with others to make life better for us all? When we take action in line with our purpose we’re allowed the privilege of helping people and receive joy in return.

But what makes me “me”? I certainly don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I’m not going to spend my whole life navel gazing and miss  party.  Instead I’m taking what I know and taking a chance. I’ve dedicated nearly twenty years to a career in which I’m a writer, speaker, researcher, analyst, advocate and problem solver. I’m curious, focused, feisty, driven. No one else has lived my life, or has the same relationships and connections. I’m learning every day what it means to be a good wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend. I’m most vital and joyous when I take the focus off myself and make a positive connection with others.

This gives me an idea of what I can contribute, but how? Into what channel do I focus my skills and perspective? I think the answer may be found in another way in way in which we differ from one another–what drives or inspires us, what we’re passionate about. Browse through a bookstore or scan the television channels for a reminder of the broad spectrum of human interests, from auto racing, to antique homes, medieval fantasy to stand up comedy, politics to puppies, you’ll find books and shows for every pursuit.


For me, it’s the transformative power of travel and the value of relationships. Few things energize me more than planning trips and exploring new places with the people I love. Learning how others live, wandering through foreign markets, wading into new waters, feeding my mind with art and my body with local specialties, soaking in the glorious natural beauty of our world.  Each experience adds to the richness of life. Sharing those discoveries with others forges our bonds. Overcoming the inevitable challenges of getting from one place to another requires that we depend on each other. Surviving something new and a little scary together, like zip-lining at 40 mph over the tropical rain forest, builds unity. Hearing “Wonderwall” on the radio months after singing it with my husband, daughter and a guy in a Spiderman suit on a Dublin sidewalk revives precious shared memories.

So that’s the plan–combine what I’m good at with what I love and share it. Specifically, I want to help people plan vacations that will strengthen their relationships with their family members and friends. I’ll provide travel ideas, tips to make it easier, and personalized assistance with trip details. By sharing fun, encouraging content maybe I can help readers enjoy their day just a little more and set an example for my daughter in hope that she will consider how she too can make a positive impact in people’s lives. It’s not easy to step on stage and say “Hey world, here I am!” but I’m willing to take the risk because of the possibility that I’ll spark inspiration in someone else, or at least make them smile. Certainly I’m not the only person with a travel blog, but I’m the only me. And you’re the only you. Apply your talents to your passions, grab your suit and dive in.

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